Introduction to backend create your own slam book

Embark on a comprehensive journey through full-stack development with our Slambook CRUD course, designed to sharpen your skills in database operations using Node.js and MongoDB. Engage in practical exercises to create, read, update, and delete entries in a digital slambook, honing your expertise in CRUD operations. Develop proficiency in Mongoose, a robust ODM library for seamless MongoDB interaction. With a practical approach, the course deepens your understanding of HTTP protocols, and enhances your debugging and logging skills. Ideal for both beginners and experienced backend developers, this course is a gateway to mastering full-stack development.

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You will learn to:

Understanding the basics of Slambook

Creating CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) endpoints

Connecting a Node.js server to MongoDB

Handling HTTP requests and sending responses

Database and Mongo DB



  • Node.js

  • Postman

  • MongoDB

  • mongoose

  • CRUD Operations

  • HTTP Protocols

  • Logging

  • Debugging


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Familiarity with Node.js and npm
  • Understanding of HTTP methods and status codes



Project Demo:


Introduction to backend create your own slam book

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